AuthorMatt Novenstern

Coo is a documentation processor that allows you to write your documentation in ReStructured Text. If you fill in all your docstrings, it will look at all the documentation for packages and systems and format the external symbols for each page.

To generate documentation for your system, you should be able to run:

CL-USER> (coo:document-system :my-system)

and coo will take care of everything for you. You can specify what directory it writes the documentation to as well (see coo:document-system). Coo is built on top of cl-docutils by John A.R. Williams, which is, in turn modeled on the Python implementation of Docutils.

If you're interested in modifying the output of the documentation generation, you can look at the templates under the templates/ directory in coo's source code. Eventually, there will be an extensible way of doing that.

The source of coo is available at